Wonderboy (SEGA) MAME Cabinet

Thought some might like a little project I’ve been working on.

A virtual SEGA Wonderboy arcade cabinet, using MAME bezel artwork and HLSL effects to simulate the CRT screen with arcade room reflection and screen burn-in.
This machine was a fave for me back in the 80’s on sunny family holidays, but all the cabinet photos I could get hold of looked truly awful.

With no decent MAME artwork available, I decided to make my own version (the kind of thing I’d have designed anyway!) using whatever flyer artwork and misc artwork I could get hold of! I tried to add as many little details as possible, like the SEGA license sticker, logos and official stamps, and control / instructions info.

I was annoyed that the aspect ratio on the game was dead wrong and always emulated too narrow/square – not sure if it was me as a small kid looking up at a tilted arcade screen, or whether SEGA modified the image dimensions on screen on the real machine – but I fancied the game should be presented in a wider + shorter aspect.

Then aged it with dirt and a little damage to the bezel around the screen edge.

Version 1.0

Unfortunately v1.0 never made it to public release. The owner of some of the fan art I’d used (some fantastic manga versions of the Wonderboy characters) didn’t want their work to be shared in this project – odd, given that I’d found their artwork floating around freely on the internet!

Version 1.1

So I revisited the bezel artwork, taking characters from the Megadrive / Genesis / PCE game box, and a couple of enemies for good measure 😉

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The artwork runs in MAME at 1920×1200 resolution, in full or cropped video modes.

Artwork – Place in your mame/artwork/ folder

Download from uploaded.net – wboy.zip (password: mameart)

Download from DepositFiles – wboy.zip (password: mameart)

CRT screen emulation

Screen burn-in and discolouration at the side of the monitor are included in the artwork files above, but for the rest of the CRT emulation (scanlines, dot-mask settings and bloom effects) you’ll need to edit the HLSL settings in your MAME frontend (I use MAMEplus for this), or use the ‘Sliders’ menu within the in-game MAME user interface.

You can download the settings I am using, plus the dot mask (slot-mask.png) from here!

(Of course I’m running the emulation at 1920×1200 resolution – you may need to alter the settings for things like scanline height, and the dot mask values if you run at a different resolution!)

Game Tips:

DrFrag’s awesome guide to Wonder Boy

Thanks Go To:

All of the retro gaming community who upload photos of their collected orginal cabinets, control panels, scans of flyers, and re-made home cabinets. And to the folk who scan + create PDF files of the original cabinet manuals. And of course to SEGA / Escape for making the original in the first place!

Also to the folk creating fan art for the game. In particular:

  • darknior on deviantart for their Wonderboy area1 forest desktop background


Other Remake Projects:

Check out this awesome custom control panel art:


Making of ‘bits’ & other reference material:

An original Wonderboy cabinet (with truly horrible marquee art..sorry):


Photo of an original control panel (just stickers on a generic cab..shame), it’s well used:


A wonderboy official SEGA license / serial number hologram sticker (as seen on the control panel above too). Yes, details matter!:


A bezel sticker scan, used for the controls + instructions stuff:

WonderBoy Scan Of Instrcutions


Original arcade flyer (Japanese):


Here’s how the game looks to most when emulated:


And the JAMMA board on an actual TV/monitor:


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